Friday, January 20, 2012

Plug Time!

A (very) few of my friends are also blogging, and I thought you might enjoy seeing their stuff.

Brian you should already be aware of, as he featured a post on my Gram's gumbo at Cast Iron Therapy.

Then there's Wooden Pyramids, a blog about gaming, written by a friend whose sense of humor is both scathing and insightful

There's also  2.2fps , which I think is mostly about WoW, but is written by someone I like, so I'll forgive him that.

Stuart Gaffney is doing good work keeping us updated on marriage equality and gay rights issues, as an author at Queerlandia.  He and his husband John served as officiants at The Best Wedding Ever (that would be mine, folks).

And finally, the portfolio of my amazing-talented artist friend Jeremy, over at Mighty Nightguant.  The rest of us are agreed that he should have named his site Nighty Nightgaunt.  You should comment and tell him the same.

I'm very lucky to have such funny and well-informed friends, even they are mostly all cootie-infested boys.


  1. I'm commenting, if only to cover your blog with cooties. Thanks for the shout out!