Thursday, February 2, 2012

Whatever Soup

Just made a whatever soup, and I must say, it is Freaking Delicious.  The goal of this soup is to use up any appropriate leftovers or veggies that were in danger of not getting eaten.  I made a big pot of it, had some for lunch, and will be freezing the rest into single serving portions, for later consumption.  Served with a few slices of the amazing cheddar-chive bread we got in our farm box, it made for a surprisingly hearty meal!

Bacon, leek, mushroom, broccoli, turnip, carrot, wild rice, potato, a sprig of rosemary, with beef boullion base.  Next time, I hope to have some home made chicken stock to use instead.

What do you do with your overabundance of left overs or veggies?

ETA: No hands were stabbed in the making of this soup.

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