Saturday, March 17, 2012

In which the author discusses eating like a hobbit, among other things

I'm torn between justifying my sporadic (non-existent) posts of late - new job! roller derby! life! - but on the other hand, who are you to judge me, huh?  You're not my mom!

Unless you are, in which case: Hi mom! LYMI!

I've got at least one half-completed post that will hopefully see the light of day soon. I've got a plant husbandry post, or potentially series of posts, that are ticking along nicely thanks in large part to the amazing weather we're having in the 607.

The real reason for the dearth of project posts is due to the intimate nature of the recent subject matter.  That is, most of my "projects" lately have been me.  There's been a not-insubstantial amount of time devoted to regaining and maintaining my emotional equilibrium after some unanticipated contact with portions of my family who, while well-meaning, caused a little bit of pathos in my life.  There's also some people whom I love dearly and who are contending with some pretty serious health issues.  My husband is in grad school, which brings along a portion of shared stress.  I'm trying to belatedly finish a couple of credits for my BA, which seems like hoop after hoop after firey, burny hoop to jump through.

So, you know, there's all that.

Also, the derby monster may have eaten my brain.  That's not really new... but the levels of derbitude are rising in Casa de McComb.  After more than a year of skating and training, I passed my level 2 skills assessment and have been allowed to join league practice once a week.  League practice consists of approximately one hour of soul-rending drills, followed by an hour of heart-stopping and adrenaline-pumping scrimmage.  Basically, I'm good enough (and safe enough) that I get to play the game with the big girls now.  Oh, ecstasy!  Oh, delight! Oh, my god my ass hurts!  I haven't been drafted to a team (yet), but it should be only a matter of time before I'm rostered.

In an effort to improve my derby performance, I've started working with my fresh meat coach and league Derbalife representative, Thunder Vittles.  Derbalife is Herbalife, but for roller derby.  Yes, yes, I know, pyramid scheme, blah blah blah.  Trust me, I've already heard it all from my husband.  But you should see the results that Vittles and other members of the league have gotten!  I'm willing to at least give it a try.  I can quit whenever I want to!  YOU JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND!  *Ahem*

Right now, they've got me eating 5 meals a day, approximately 1800kCal total.  This is where eating like a hobbit comes in.  I've got what I've started thinking of as breakfast, elevnsies, lunch, supper and dinner.  "Snack" is such a luxurious, fat- and sugar- filled word for me that I've stricken it from my daily language, to be replaced by more meal appropriate terms.  Also, I think its hilarious.  I routinely ask whoever is in targeting range, "But what about second breakfast?"  Whatever gets you to stick to the plan, right?  Right!  "Elevensies" is just more fun than "AM Snack."

I'm not planning on making progress posts, but I may mention the program every now and then.  After my initial 12 weeks, I will likely do an in-depth post-mortem.  There will likely be more crafty-projecty posts in the meantime, and I'm still planning on getting my steam punk costume together.

What I'm trying to say is, stick around!  There'll be more from me in the future.

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