Monday, November 21, 2011

Projects I have finished

Sometimes, when I'm feeling blue, or unproductive, or just bored, I like to take stock of the projects I've managed to finish recently.  Or ever, if things are dark.  Doing so reminds me that despite evidence to the contrary, I am capable of following through and actually completing a project.  Here are some recent highlights.

1.  Sewing Caddy
Right after my husband and I moved to Ithaca in August, we visited a local cooperative bookstore.  We were there to pick up some school books for the aforementioned husband, but I managed to find a book for me, too:  Sew Retro: A Stylish History of the Sewing Revolution.  It had beautiful pictures!  Well researched feminist history!  PROJECTS!  This sewing caddy was one of them, made from a blue and silver jacquard I picked up for our wedding and never used, scraps of left over wedding dress silk, and left over ribbon.  Very handy!

2.  Napkins
 These napkins also came from Sew Retro.  I like them so much, I haven't used them yet because I don't want to get them dirty.  Made from unbleached muslin and more left over wedding ribbon.  I have a thing for polka dots, what can I say?

 3. Sewing Machine Cover
After the caddy and the napkins, I found myself in the mystical project-making groove.  I took advantage of said groove and made this cover for Glenda, my sewing machine (her name used to be Glen).  Blue and silver jacquard with wedding silk again, and the unbleached muslin as a liner.

 4.  Wedding Dress
I got married in June, and I made my own wedding dress.  It was awesome!  I used a Vintage Vogue pattern from 1953.  I bought a royal blue crinoline.  The dress is poofy and swishy and fun and I can't wait to wear it again!  I used a French silk for the lining, and a baby blue dotted Swiss for the facing.  I made the veil and fascinator as well!  All for about $200, baby!

Bonus Blackwork
I didn't do this one, my amazing mother-in-law did.  She made this amazing Vierlande sampler of traditional wedding motifs dating from the late 1700's, and gave it to us as a wedding present.  I just like showing it off whenever possible.  It may be one of the coolest presents I've ever been given!

Seriously, just look at this detail!

This is all as a reminder that when the unfinished project funk has got you down, it can be helpful to look at what you have finished for encouragement.

Of course, I'm going to follow this up by showing you guys some of the abandoned and neglected projects laying around my house, wailing and moaning at me like starving mountain lion cubs.  Be warned, the imagery will be gruesome.

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